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Surfing Huahine

Like all Islands in French Polynesia, the dual Islands of HUAHINE-ITI & HUAHINE-NUI are a water lovers paradise!

Surrounded by a pristine tropical ocean and a wonderful lagoon, a great many watersports are available for your enjoyment.

World class scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, and surfing are among the most popular choices Huahine has to offer, but there are numerous other choices too! Take a casual lagoon swim, rent a jetski, go windsurfing, or see what kiteboarding is all about!

It's no wonder that many of Huahine's travelers come to this island just for the watersports alone!

Get ready to get wet... this is your WATERSPORTS guide to Huahine!

TST makes choosing your favorite island activity on Huahine easy! If you want MORE choices, simply check out our other "To Do" pages: ADVENTURES, ISLAND FUN, RELAXATION, RECREATION & GAMES, or SHOPPING, SERVICES, & RESTAURANTS.

Wan't more? Be sure and explore our "WHAT TO SEE" section for even more sightseeing and exploring ideas, touring, island attractions, and other interesting things to see and do!

Yellow fish on HuahineScuba Diving

Scuba Diving is an extremely popular activity on all the different Islands of Tahiti Polynesia. The surrounding lagoons are home to a great variety of marine life. Huahine is no exception. As a matter of fact, it's awesome!

From easy beginner dives in the lagoon to advanced open water dives along the dropoff to the reef, Huahine offers various levels of dives to suit various levels of experience.

All the typical South Pacific fauna will be present: rays, sharks, Napoleon fish, tuna, barracuda, jackfish, moray eelsand spectacular schools of multi-colored tropical fish swimming amidst the lush coral gardens known for their special bright yellow color.

To get started with the diving adventure that best suits your level, one of these local scuba experts are ready to help:

Tahiti Sun Travel Recommends:

Lets go scuba diving!Mahana Dive Center

Scuba shop & outfitter. Contact: Annie
(BP 600, Fare- HUAHINE)
Telephone- (689) 73.07.17, Fax- (689) 68.76.63
E-MAIL & Scuba Reservations

Come experience the best diving Huahine has to offer with one of the original dive pros... Our divemaster and guide has been scuba diving on Huahine for over 13 years and loves to share the magic of Huahine's underwater paradise with scuba enthusiasts the world over.

It doesn't matter your level, we'll tailor the dives according to your level and comfort, always keeping safety as our number one issue.

We'll dive inside and out of the lagoon and see all the marine creatures you want to see: beautiful sharks, graceful mantas and eagle rays, turtles, tuna, Napoleon fish and a thousand other species... These waters are alive with life! Beginner courses and advanced classes offered.


Located at the Fare Quay in Downtown Fare,
(P.O. Box 193 Fare- HUAHINE) Contact: Mr. Didier FORGET
Telephone- (689) 68.87.21, Fax- (689) 68.80.71
International CMAS - BEES 1- PADI Instructor. Examinations given: All CMAS and FFESSM certificates, diving school, exploration diving, diving for beginners or experienced divers.

Parea, Huahine, B.P. 856, 98731 - Fare, HUAHINE
Telephone- (689) 68.86.49, Fax- (689) 60.60.96
Contact: Mr. Morgan Calibuig

SnorkelingSnorkeling Huahine

Snorkeling is possibly the overall favorite activity of all visitors arriving to French Polynesia. This activity is not only relaxing, but also exciting at the same time!

Just about every place you can dive, you can also snorkel, but without the burden of scuba equipment. It's a wonderful feeling of freedom. No wetsuits, no tanks, no weightbelts.

The waters of Huahine are crystal clear and warm. The marine life is abundant and interesting. The lagoons' waters are excellent for snorkeling because of the amazing combination of clear visibility and generally calm conditions.

Many of the hotels and pensions on Huahine will furnish you with snorkeling gear if you ask. (Some will charge a small fee for the equipment.) Also, the majority of boat charters and sailing vessels you can charter will also be able to furnish you with snorkeling equipment.

The Huahine Islands, along with most of the other Society Islands, are a snorkeler's "wet dream".

TST Tip: Snorkeling
Most of the snorkeling equipment you will encounter at the various hotels and guesthouses, etc, on Huahine has been used by many people before you. The masks may leak. The fins may be too big or small, hard, etc. This may or may not happen to you, but don't be surprised if it does...

The Snorkeling opportunities are good enough on Huahine and all the other surrounding islands of Tahiti Polynesia that IT IS worthwhile to BRING YOUR OWN MASK, FINS, AND SNORKEL. They don't take that much room in your bag, and if you really enjoy snorkeling, you will be happy to have your own.


Huahine has a reputation in the world as being one of Tahiti's surfing hotspots. That's because it is... Next to Tahiti, this island gets more surfers than any other island in French Polynesia. The reason for this is the waves and swell here is large, consistant, and simply awesome!

Check out the surf photos!See our selection of ACTION SURF SHOTS ON HUAHINE, shot one overcast day way back in June 2002! (but just as good now as back then...)

As it so happens, Huahine also seems to suffer from a mild case of "surf rage"- that weird yet not uncommon surf phenomenon of locals not welcoming foreign surfers to "their waves"... As any seasoned surfer knows, this isn't the only island in the world where this occurs, but if you're not ready for it, (or you go into the waves with a cocky attitude), you might be in for a nasty surprise on this island.

Note: These guys take it seriously, so don't underestimate their jealousy or aggressiveness!... (there are some pretty gnarly stories on this subject best left untold...)

The best local surfers on Huahine are known as "Black shorts", (it's the same on Raiatea), and are true to their sport. They will surf with you only after you have proven yourself to be their friends and loyal to the surf. (This often involves consuming copious amounts of drink at the local bars with them and much banter, handshaking, chest pounding, "surftalking", etc.)

After conferring with the locals on our last trip, the TST network has decided to publish only this general information regarding surfing Huahine: As with all other surfing "hotspots" on the Tahitian islands, the best breaks on Huahine are located at the passes between the lagoon and the open ocean.

For now, our best advice to the avid surfer looking for the surfing hotspots on Huahine is to get here and start talking about surfing. Do this by meeting the locals on land if you can, and keep a good, unselfish spirit about yourself... you'll most likely end up making friends if you have a cool attitude. As any experienced surfer will surely understand, this is the only true way to discover the best surf hotspots.

TST Tip: Make Surfing Friends
Venturing into the Huahine surfing hotspots and waves WITHOUT making surf friends or connections on this island isn't really recommended...

Lets go have some fun!Jetskiing/ Waverunners

A fast, wet, and great way to experience the beautiful lagoon of Huahine island.

There a few outfitters on the island that can arrange an unforgettable day of jetski or waverunner fun:

PO. Box 265- 98 731 Fare- HUAHINE
Telephone - (689) 68.83.15, Fax- (689) 68.82.15
We have 9 Jet skis, with 3 seats each: All gassed up and ready to rock and roll! This is 100% pure fun and adrenaline folks! Around the island lagoon exploration: 1/2 day tours.


Most tourists and travelers who have never been to the Tahitian islands tend to think windsurfing is a really big activity in French Polynesia. Surely, they think, the chrystal blue waters and strong tradewinds would make for world class windsurfing possibilities?Windsurf Huahine

It's true the winds and conditions are great, but interestingly, finding a good place to rent a windsurfer is more difficult than you might imagine...

Although some locals on Huahine are quite active in the sport, there is only one place on the island that rents them out to visitors. (see the listing below)Windsurfing on Huahine!

On the other Society Islands, you may not be able to find ANY place to rent windsurfing equipment. The main reason for this is twofold:

1) All the Tahitian islands have numerous, strong, and unpredictable currents inside their lagoons as well as the open ocean.

2) There are a lot of beginners and non-experienced people thinking that windsurfing is easy to do (not true) and would be a great way to spend the day (true)...

BUT- apparently it's the COMBINATION of beginners learning how to ride and the unpredictable currents that make for a recipe most hotels and businesses don't want to deal with. High insurance rates and potential lawsuits make it problematic to the point that it's not worth it.

Many more hotels and pensions USED to rent boards and sails in their past, but have slowly fazed out windsurfing as a rental activity.

All that said, IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WINDSURF, and have your own equipment, don't let any of the above information stop you from bringing your setup... The overall wind conditions on Huahine ARE excellent.

The following place IS the place to rent a windsurfing setup on Huahine:

BP 477 Parea - 98731 HUAHINE
Telephone/ fax- (689) 68 77 10 or Cellphone- (689) 78 90 69

Windsurfing on Huahine is a dream come true. Turquise waters, steady winds, and surrounded by beauty on all sides. Lessons for the newbies or let Pierre show the seasoned radicals the sweet spots of the island!


This is a really fun way to enjoy the clear warm waters of the lagoon! Try one of these kayaks!The neat thing about these kinds of kayaks is you can get as serious as you want about either excercising OR having fun... the choice is yours: paddle hard and get a killer shoulders and arm workout, or paddle easy and just check out the amazing scenery.
Huahine Lagoon rents them by the hour, day, or week.

B.P.281, Fare- HUAHINE, (Located at the Fare Wharf)
Telephone/ fax- (689) 68.87.57 (home), or Telephone/ fax (work)- (689)68.70.00

Try a KAYAK for a fun day of exercise or exploration of the Huahine lagoon! Rent by the hour, day, or week...

We also rent BICYCLES and MOTORIZED BOATS... (no special licenses required)

Swimming (Lagoon)

Swimming in the Huahine lagoon is certainly one of the easiest, cheapest, safest, and most popular activities available to all visitors of all ages. The waters are warm and clear and inviting. Most people simply wander out from the shoreline and get their shorts wet, but if you have access to a boat, you can get closer to the reefs faster for snorkeling opportunities, if you desire.

The one thing that's worth noting about swimming the lagoon is the currents. If you're a big time swimmer and you go for distance, the farther away you get from the shoreline, the more possibility you have of encountering a strong current. Some of these can be VERY strong, so be aware and prepared. Ask locals about the currents if you can...

Other than the currents, there are no other worries. There is no shark problem (in fact, no human related swimming shark encounters on record in the history of the lagoon), or other nasty sea creatures (with the exception of the occasional jellyfish), to deal with.

Check out the Sailing section for more details...Sailing

The exceptional sailing in Tahiti Polynesia is legendary. Huahine offers sailors and yachtsmen wonderful places to explore.

Although not quite as sail friendly as the Raiatea and Tahaa lagoon, (due to slightly trickier and less numerous passes), this island is certainly a world class sailing destination...

There is SO much information about the sailing opportunities on and around Huahine that we refer you to our: Special SAILING, CHARTER BOAT & MARINE section for details.

Huahine also has a special treat not easy to find on the other islands: Hobie Cat Rentals!Hobie Cat fun on Huahine!

BP 477 Parea - 98731 HUAHINE
Telephone/ fax- (689) 68 77 10 or Cellphone- (689) 78 90 69

Take a Hobie Cat Sailboat tour of Huahine with us or rent one and discover the island on your own. (sailing experience is necessary). Turquise waters, steady winds, and surrounded by beauty on all sides.

Sailing classes available. Rentals by the hour, half, or full day on Hobie 18 ft. Catamarans.

Kitesurfing (Flysurfing)Kiteboarding on Huahine!

This is the hottest sport to hit any beach in years!

It's called kitesurfing, kiteboarding, or Flysurfing to the French, and it's absolutely WILD!

Huahine is an amazing spot to kiteboard and if you take your kites to the island you won't have any kite traffic. There's only about 4 or 5 regular kiters on the island!

BP 477 Parea - 98731 HUAHINE
Telephone/ fax- (689) 68 77 10 or Cellphone- (689) 78 90 69

Kiteboarding on Huahine is a dream come true. Turquise waters, steady winds, and surrounded by beauty on all sides. Lessons for the newbies or let Pierre show the radicals the sweet spots!

For more information on kiting in French Polynesia, check out TST's KiteTahiti website.

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Huahine island is an ultimate choice for a romantic getaway for newlyweds or newly found romances.

Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

honeymooners on beach

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